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Sunset Zoological Park
Home to 250 amazing animals and open 360 days a year! Online registration is now available for the Zoo! Enroll in Zoo classes, purchase memberships, buy tickets & more here.

Visit the Zoo's official website at: SunsetZoo.com

Sunset Zoological Park
Sunset Zoological Park is a division of the Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department and located near Manhattan High School's West campus. Founded in 1933 by the Manhattan Parks and Recreation Board, the Zoo has been a cultural and education asset to the community for over 80 years. Dr. EJ Frick, Zoo founder and former head of surgery and medicine at the Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine, volunteered to acquire, provide care for and display animals for 43 years. 

The city obtained much of its original funding from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) for initial construction of animal exhibits, buildings and walkways. Much of this original native limestone work has been preserved, serving as educational examples of zoo and social history, and remains part of the zoo’s Master Plan.

Modernizing the Zoo
In 1980, citizens of Manhattan encouraged the City Commission to build a modern zoo. This led to the development of a Zoo Master Plan, and city approval to charge a small admission fee.
Sunset Zoo
   photo by Michael Marish

 • Size: 48 acres
 • Established: 1933
 • Location: 2333 Oak Street, Manhattan
 • Website: SunsetZoo.com
All revenue generated from admissions is used for on-going zoo improvements and maintenance. This additional source of income allowed Sunset Zoo to increase its level of commitment to animal care, education and conservation. Sunset Zoo applied for, and received, accreditation by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) in 1989. The Zoo has maintained commitment to upholding those high standards, and has been reaccredited every five years since.

Current Operations
Today, Sunset Zoo operates in 26 of it's 48 available acres. Employing nearly 20 full-time employees and a variety of part-time and seasonal staff, the Zoo is open seven days a week, 360 days a year. Zoo operations are overseen by a range of departments including Administration, Animal Care, Education, Guest Services, Horticulture/Maintenance and Marketing/Development. In addition to funding from the City of Manhattan, Sunset is supported by two 501c3 not-for-profit organizations: the Friends of Sunset Zoo and the Sunset Zoological Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Zoo Website
To learn more about the Zoo, visit the Zoo's website at SunsetZoo.com