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1. What number do I call to check on airline scheduling or lost luggage?
2. How early should I check-in at the Manhattan Regional Airport before catching a flight?
3. Where can I learn how to fly a plane?
4. Can I park my car at the Airport for three weeks?
5. What rental car companies operate out of the Manhattan Airport?
6. What happens if I need help after the airline clerk and Airport Administration offices have closed?
7. Who are those people dressed in white uniform shirts inside the main terminal building?
8. Can I take pilot lessons at Manhattan Regional Airport?
9. What if my private plane needs maintenance and I've flown in from out of town?
10. What type of aircraft fuel is available at Manhattan Regional Airport?
11. What if I have a vehicle or aircraft FIRE while at Manhattan Regional Airport?
12. What if I arrive at the Airport, need transportation and the car rental agencies are closed?
13. How do I get my name on theT-Hangar waiting list?
14. Can I park my car at the Airport for three weeks?