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What is the function of Municipal Court?
Municipal Court has jurisdictions of violations of City ordinances for traffic cases and other types of cases, such as fire code and parking violations along with other misdemeanor criminal matters. All other more serious criminal matters are handled through the District Court.


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1. What are the hours of Municipal Court?
2. Where is Municipal Court located?
3. How do I pay a municipal court fine and court costs?
4. If I pay my fine, do I still have to come to Municipal Court?
5. What is the function of Municipal Court?
6. Who is the Municipal Court Judge?
7. What is a no contest (nolo contendere) plea in Municipal Court?
8. How are municipal court fines and court costs set?
9. Can I do community service to pay off my fines?
10. What happens at arraignment?
11. What is a “plea”?
12. What happens at trial?
13. What happens at sentencing?
14. Can I speak to a City Prosecutor about my case?
15. Can I have an attorney represent me in Court?
16. Can I appeal the Judge’s decision?
17. Can I change my arraignment date or other court date?
18. What happens if I miss my court date?
19. Can I change the date and time of my meeting with my court services officer?
20. What happens if I miss a meeting with my court services officer?
21. I received a ticket for no proof of liability insurance for the vehicle I was driving. What are my options?
22. What is the City’s Traffic Amendment Program?
23. Can I get a diversion of any charge(s) against me?
24. Can I have my Municipal Court arrest and/or conviction expunged?